build bespoke data propositions.

Mdee now offers M2M (machine to machine) services, which will allow you to build bespoke data propositions and bill your customers directly. With the ability to utilise multiple platforms for both UK and Worldwide management, Mdee will provide you with real time usage reports, as well as providing you log in details to view and manage the usage in real time.

You will always have control over the usage with pre set usage rules that can be amended at any time, by you, to suit the needs of your customer. Alerts for in-life management can also be generated. For the more complex requirements, geofencing is available, as well as automated suspension of service through unauthorised data usage. Always know where your sims are, who is using them and when.

The control the multiple platforms allow will protect you against bill shock, fraud or abuse of the sims – Mdee’s M2M solutions will give complete confidence and security to your customers.

There are multiple applications for this solution, allowing you to enter markets that may have seemed inaccessible before. Such as:

  • Remote TV cameras
  • Vehicle tracking and telemetry
  • Asset tracking
  • Taxis
  • IoT

Mdee provides a fully managed service, making this solution simple and easy to sell and manage for you and your customers. For further information and to explore this exciting new offering please contact your Business Manager directly.