Why Mdee?

Unique Heritage

We have been in this business for 27 years, and our essential character has not changed. We remain a family-run business, with all the independence and flexibility that entails. As an EE specialist, with EE backing, we believe we are the most stable, and able, of airtime distributors.

Robust Finances

Last financial year, we delivered  strong profit on turnover of close 
to £30 million. We have robust  debt-free accounts, and we have 
a notable shareholder. We are also progressive. In 2014, we reinvested a good proportion of our profit to build an innovative and modular new IT system, which is designed for today, with tomorrow in mind. Our partners are already reaping dramatic improvements in terms of efficiency  and productivity.

Essential Restructure

Mdee has added to its core team of EE experts to deliver an enhanced service  to a broader base of partners. The senior management team has a new look and focus to drive business and efficiency gains. New marketing and queries teams have been set up to afford partners better resources and faster issue-resolution. Dedicated business managers are now available to partners for site visits, training sessions and client meetings as a matter of course.

First-Class Fulfilment

Our JEM platform is a cure-all for the administrative headaches that make connecting airtime harder than it should be. Its drag-and-drop facility lets you build quotes easily, and export them on to network-compliant documentation, ready to print or mail. Our fulfilment engine processes your orders as prescribed - whether they require credit checking, connecting, dispatching, or all of the above. Phones can be shipped, fully connected, within 24 hours. And, crucially, the new system ensures you get paid accurately and on time. Every time. No more queries, no more delays.

Sim-Free & Accessories

Backed by specialist partners, with considerable economies of scale, our hardware portfolio goes way beyond  the standard network offering. Our partners can build tailored packages that meet their clients' demands, combining EE-branded and SIM-free devices. Our new range of accessories by Gusto and Juice offer simple, affordable technology that doesn't compromise on function or quality, and which can set your  business apart.

Equity Partner

EE holds a 35 per cent stake in our business, and has done for more than two decades. This means we have the backing of the UK's most advanced digital communications company, whilst retaining our own independence. It means we can deliver preferential stock, funding and support. It means we have greater insight into EE's strategy and propositions, and better access to its people and systems. At the same time, because we are  owner-operated, we can be flexible, where others are not ? the very essence of airtime distribution in the first place.

Marketing Assets

Mdee is putting high quality marketing assets at your fingertips, and offering support to develop these into  impactful campaigns that demand attention and deliver business.
Need design support for mail shots, brochures, flyers and posters? Get in touch. Need business support for marketing plans or business proposals? Drop us a line. These are just a few of the marketing initiatives our business partners can take advantage of.

Innovative Services

We are introducing new products and services that work for you, as well as  for us. These have been designed so  you can win new business and add  new revenue streams. What's that?  New business is hard to come by. Our new lead generation service delivers good prospects, good odds and good value. All you have to do is turn up and close the deal. So, you're missing a trick without an insurance product? Our new package compares well with the best on the market, and represents a handy additional revenue stream. Check in with us for the latest propositions.

Connect Mee

The new JEM platform is a ground-breaking end-to-end solution for airtime connections. Together with Mdee's re-branded ConnectMee fulfilment service, it affords Mdee business partners better support, easier connections and faster payment.

JEM is a landmark new sales and fulfilment platform for Mdee business partners that simplifies the connection process and ensures more accurate payment. It launches with a new-look version of the MCD Connect support function, called ConnectMee. Together, they are designed to make your business more productive and profitable.

JEM is accessible anywhere, from any desktop or mobile device. Its intuitive drag-and-drop facility enables you to build a quote easily for any combination of hardware and airtime. No more scratching around for dog-eared price books, no more hastily-worked revenue calculations, no more nasty surprises from last-minute rice switches. With JEM, everything is at your fingertips ? accurate and automated.

Full detail of products and promotions are incorporated too. When you quote for a handset, all its specifications and associated tariffs are easily browsed within the system. No more reliance on third-party resources for key product data. JEM is a self-contained sales engine, allowing business partners to build a quote with full sight of its component parts and its value for both parties.

When a quote is completed, JEM exports it on to partner-branded, network-compliant documentation, ready to print or mail. No more drawn-out proposals, no more unwelcome hassle from compliance officers. JEM makes you compliant, without a second thought. Your business logo and boilerplate are hard-baked into all of your communications, as required, every time.

ConnectMee fulfils orders you make through JEM as prescribed ? whether it involves credit checks, connections, product dispatch, or a complete fulfilment service. Customer details are logged and matched with the operator payment download to create self-bills. Any anomalies are flagged automatically as queries with the network.

Which means, crucially, you get paid what you are owed, accurately and on time. Every time. No more queries, no more delays.

Its CRM tool lets you set tasks and appointments, and prompts you when customer upgrades are due. Through JEM, you can also be in touch easily with the ConnectMee team; its ticketing system lets you raise and track queries, and its IM function provides an alternative to calls and email.

JEM is a cure-all for the administrative headaches that make connecting airtime business harder than it should be. It brings simplicity and a higher degree of accuracy to the sales process. It means you can put increased focus on what you are good at. And we can do the same, offering you enhanced service and better support through ConnectMee.

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