MobileIron is a mobility management solution, built to manage mobile apps, content and devices. It allows businesses to give teams access to content and work related apps on their devices, and because it creates a secure environment it keeps the business information protected.

UPDATE: Your customers can now benefit from MobileIron at no extra cost when choosing a Business Connect Plan.

What does it provide?

Device Management & basic security policies: Simple security policies (device password configuration); device management (lock and wipe content); email configuration

Apps Distribution: Define your app catalogue (app store and in house apps); app distribution and prompt install

Content Distribution: File publishing (price books / catalogues, marketing collateral, contracts), max 25 files (2MB)

Stay in complete control

Easily manage devices, apps and content ensuring business information used by your team on mobile devices is protected.

A secure environment

In the event of a device being lost or stolen, you can simply lock or wipe it, or block access to sensitive information.

Flexible, reactive and nimble

Get your teams quickly set up with the right settings and passcode-protected access to critical information.

The right content on mobile

Push work files and mobile apps that should be available to everyone in your business - or specific groups, like Sales.

Why this is great for customers?

Keep your business information your business.

It is multi platform (Apple, Android), so businesses are not locked down to a unique device manufacturer.

An easy to use, easy to set up web based solution brought to you by a leading company in mobile security.

How to get started on MobileIron

MobileIron lets you easily secure and manage your users' mobile devices, apps and contents.

Watch the MobileIron startup video on the left to learn how to:

  • Enrol iOS devices with Apple's cloud service
  • Configure user email and device passcode
  • Push apps to employees' devices
  • Invite employees to register

Case study: Crossbridge
Specialist consultancy Crossbridge works with many of the world's leading banks and investment firms, addressing pressing priorities like financial crime, data security, regulation, and business and IT transformation. Information is key to the business.

Discover how MobileIron by EE is helping them improve communications across a dispersed workforce, saving them time and reinforcing their commitment to security across all types of devices.

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